How to register for a ptc site?

Registration for а ptc site is nothing complicated and does not require any special skills. Most ptc sites require almost identical information from their users and registration will not take more than 5 minutes for a website. Make sure to read carefully their terms and conditions and follow these instructions:

Make a valid e-mail address

To make a valid email address use any email service like - google, yahoo, hotmail etc..

Register for a payment processor

Payment processors allow you to transfer money from ptc sites to a virtual wallet and then to your debit/credit card, bank account or to buy things trough internet. Continue Reading »

Choose a ptc site

Choosing the right website can be tough because there are hundreds of them on the market. The most important is to decide which site suits you most and then register. If you are new in this business you can take look at this list of websites and start with the most trusted and paying once.

The registration itself

✔ Full name - all personal data must be real and coincide with those used for payment processor registration
✔ Email address - must be the same used for the payment processor registration and it must be valid;
✔ Username - it has no connection with the payment data so it's up to you what username you will choose as long as it's not taken
✔ Payment processor details - you can leave these field blank at the time of registration but you will have to fill it at a later stage when you make a withdrawal so if you have a valid payment processor registration you can fill it
✔ Password - the more complex the more secure. Use upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuations. NEVER use one password for multiple websites! Don't forget to write down the password and keep it safe!
✔ Image Verification - or CAPTCHA is used to prove you are not a robot. It can be letters, a picture or just a check mark. Without this verification you will not be able to register
✔ Terms of Service - as mentioned before, you must read these terms in order to agree to abide the rules of the website

Confirm the registration

After submitting the information most likely you will get this type of message: "For completing the registration please verify your email address". Check your inbox (and spam) and follow the instructions in the email. Options are:
✔ Click on the verification link and you will be automatically transferred to the registration site
✔ Copy the registration code and paste it onto the website you have already registered.
If you've done everything right you will get this message: "Thank you for your confirmation. You can now log in to your account".

How to work with PTC sites

A few things you need to know about PTC sites and how to work with them:

If you are not sure what to do next you can always join our social groups and ask a question.

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